How to disinfect a house

Cleaning at home is always essential, but, at this time, even more so. We should clean not all spaces in the same way since rooms are more susceptible to harbouring germs and, therefore, require deeper and more complete disinfection.

How to disinfect a house with the most effective tactics

It is not always necessary to approach the task as if it were a Diogenes syndrome clean, but it is true that, in the face of COVID-19, these terms take on even more importance. So in this article, we teach you to step by step how to disinfect the house with the most effective tactics.

How to disinfect the house

How to disinfect the house?

Before cleaning the house’s rooms, you must remember the main trick to help prevent infections. Airing the house for at least five minutes a day is crucial since it cleans the environment. Periodic cleaning with ozone will help you disinfect the environment and recover that clean smell that you can only achieve with full disinfection.

Next, start with the areas with the highest concentration of germs, such as:

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps: Do not forget to clean them. It is useless to wash your hands if you touch them to turn off the tap when it is dirty. You have to disinfect and clean everything you normally handle several times a day at home.
  • Electronics devices: The most used objects are the mobile or the tablet. These devices are in contact with all kinds of surfaces, so they are a great source of dirt that we must constantly clean.
  • Knobs and switches: They are used continuously throughout the day by all family members. Your hands contact all kinds of surfaces, and all the dirt stays here, so clean constantly.
  • Keyboards and desks: The computer keyboard is one of the biggest sources of germs and filth among the nooks and crannies and the desks since you spend a large part of the day there. It is important to clean them frequently.
  • Sponges and clothes: It is important to clean and disinfect them with detergents or some disinfectant every time you use them.
How to disinfect the kitchen

How to disinfect the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is essential; this is where you cook, store food, and the whole family is in the contact with this room. Therefore, all your surfaces are spotless, clean and free of germs is of the utmost importance. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  • It is advisable to avoid accumulating dirty dishes or pans. Food scraps are an irresistible focus for bacteria and, together with stagnant water, cause bad odours.
  • Wash utensils after each use in the kitchen. Once the counter is clear, cleaning it will be much easier and more effective if you want to remove grease and oils. Help yourself with specific products.
  • For daily cleaning, use degreasers and multipurpose products for kitchens. Also, make sure that no traces of dirt accumulate in the corners; it is where germs and mould proliferate.
  • We will need special products to clean the hob, and for the gas stoves, you will have to clean them using soap and water.
  • A thorough cleaning of some elements, such as the refrigerator, at least monthly, depending on the use of each kitchen is a must. Since numerous bacteria can proliferate here, it is where organic remains and food are stored.
How to disinfect the kitchen

How to disinfect the bathroom

The bathroom is surely one of the spaces most used by all family members; it is important to know how to clean it effectively. Here are some of the most used tactics:

  • The main types of dirt found in the bathroom are dust, organic remains, lime in areas with harder water, and soap residue.
  • It is one of the rooms with the highest probability of mould appearing; it appears in the corners, on the shower screen or in the joints due to humidity.
  • We recommend disinfectant products without bleach. All of them are in spray format to reach areas that are difficult to access and use the exact amount of product.
  • Use specific products for bathrooms; they are much more effective than multipurpose ones. You can help yourself with microfiber cloths or kitchen paper to dry the products or rub them on the bathroom surfaces.
  • Suppose you want to polish tiles, disinfect surfaces or remove stubborn stains. In that case, you have a great ally: check out all the applications that use alcohol in cleaning. You will love it.
  • Remove objects that can hinder cleaning, such as soaps, brushes, towels, toiletry bags, etc.
  • Clean in the proper order. First, the highest areas, sinks, showers and ends at the ground.
  • Apply products that need more time to act first, such as disinfectants, to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The same for the products inside the WC; apply them and let them work.
  • Remove lime. Embedded limescale is one of the most common problems in bathrooms. Use anti-limescale products and use a brush to remove them effectively.
How to disinfect bedrooms

How to disinfect bedrooms

The rooms are spaces where you spend more time and one of the easiest rooms to clean.

  • Ventilate the bedroom: It is important to ventilate the bedroom daily; good ventilation will make the bedroom environment much cleaner.
  • Order before cleaning: Dust is the main dirt in the bedroom; therefore, you should frequently wipe the furniture and objects to keep this house space clean. Ordering the things before cleaning them will make your task easier. You can clean the objects and then the furniture to free everything from dust.
  • Keep bedding clean: Change the sheets, pillowcases or duvet covers at least once a week. The bedding does not accumulate too much dirt, but it is advisable to change it frequently.
  • Regularly clean cabinets: This bedroom area often goes unnoticed when cleaning, but regular care is essential. It is true that when they are closed, less dust enters than in the rest of the furniture in the room, but this does not mean that no dirt enters.
  • Once cleaning the floor, soak the brush and mop in a little detergent.
  • It is advisable to take out the clothes from the wardrobe and clean them at least once a year. Think that you keep the clothes you wear there. If they are dirty, you unnecessarily fill your body with dust particles.

How to disinfect other spaces in the house

  • Clean the dining room and living room: The main thing found in dust and basic cleaning tools will be as good as new.
  • Clean your office or study area: Homerooms used as office or study areas are easy to clean. Still, we recommend clean electronic devices such as keyboards or tablets, as they are in continuous contact with hands and other surfaces. In the office and at home, greenery brings health.
  • Clean your pet’s area: Periodically cleaning your pet’s place is essential. We must clean its feeder to prevent the appearance of bacteria and viruses and wash its towels and blankets at high temperatures. It will make the environment and the air in the house much cleaner.
  • Clean the children’s play area: One of the most important, the floor must be shiny. Even daily cleaning is necessary because most children are on the floor all the time. Please pay attention to their toys and shelves to clean these surfaces frequently.

Now you know the best tactics for cleaning the house effectively, the rooms and surfaces that you should not overlook, and the recommended cleaning frequency.

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