How school cleaners can fight germs in schools

Germs in a school are a concern to many parents, teachers, and even school cleaners. It is common for reading periods to produce epidemics of diseases that arise during a significant part of the student body. The estimations are that more than 50% of students may be affected in infant and primary classes throughout the year. We usually talk about easily contagious illnesses, such as the common cold or seasonal flu.


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How school cleaners can fight them

In any case, these diseases can become annoying. The appearance of fever and other symptoms of discomfort is typical, which diminishes the students and the school staff. It causes the infection to spread extraordinarily quickly since students take the germs home. From there, it is easily applied to parents and relatives.

A student misses between 3 and 5 days of school per year due to illnesses of this type. Then it is a matter that must be taken into account, preventing contagion in the classrooms as much as possible.

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How to prevent the spread of diseases in schools?

The first step is straightforward and obvious. If the student shows symptoms of discomfort or illness, it is a priority that they do not go to the school. It is always a problematic issue since it forces us to lose workdays; however, school cleaners will help prevent the spread of the disease. In many European countries, it is strictly forbidden for students to go to school if they show any symptoms, forcing parents to pick them up if detected in the classroom.

It is essential to know that diseases like colds or flu are highly contagious, either by contact or by air. That makes it necessary to avoid contagion by exposing children and school staff to the disease.

The second step and not less important in preventing the spread of disease is establishing a detailed cleaning plan performed for school cleaning specialists that considers how these diseases do it. The simplest and most common way is contact, both direct and indirect. It means that we don’t need to be in direct contact with someone sick but touch anything they have previously handled.

Elements such as a computer mouse or keyboard, doorknobs, water fountains, tables, switches, handrails or sink faucets are where germs accumulate quickly. And because they are familiar to all students and staff at the centre, it is effortless for the disease to spread quickly. Experienced school cleaners know this and will act accordingly.

Establishing a cleaning plan responsible for disinfecting all these elements at least twice a day is imperative to avoid contagion through indirect contact. It will be challenging to prevent contagion, but it will undoubtedly minimize cases.

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How to reduce the concentration of germs in common areas?

The most important thing to reduce the concentration of germs in common areas is to make both students and staff aware of the problem of contagion and the ease with which it occurs. For this, you can take some simple measures that will be very effective:

Put up signs: Put up eye-catching signs in restrooms reminding students and teachers to wash their hands, with instructions for effective germ removal.

Disinfectant gels: It is common to see water-soluble alcohol gels in some primary classrooms for students and teachers to apply to their hands. This solution is widespread in hospitals, but its use in classrooms can be extremely useful in reducing the spread of diseases. The gels are easy to use, and since they are alcohol-based, they do not need water to rinse; rub it into your hands and let the rest evaporate.

Disinfectant wipes: Providing students and teachers with disinfectant wipes to clean those spots where germs accumulate throughout the day can help prevent disease.

Have a professional cleaning team: All other measures will be useless if the centre does not have a company specialized in school cleaning. School cleaners must have the necessary training to carry out the work and provide a healthy environment.

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