The Importance of School Cleaning

Steps to follow in the daily cleaning of a school

School Cleaning, Nurseries & Institutes

The Importance of School Cleaning

School Cleaning is a particularly delicate type of cleaning during which we must carefully follow an action protocol designed for this facilities. We are all concerned about the health of our children, and of course, we want to ensure that when taking them to nursery or school, we bring all precautions to ensure their safety and well-being.

An educational centre, whether a nursery or a school, is a space that receives constant use, through which dozens of people pass, whether children or adults, in a few hours. It makes it an area that needs daily cleaning, especially considering that children usually play on the floor and leave their backpacks, toys, and other belongings on the same floor they step on with street shoes. Follow a specific school cleaning protocol daily to avoid quickly finding ourselves with the spread of diseases and other health problems from an unhealthy environment.

The objective of planning the school cleaning work is to leave the place perfectly clean and sanitized so that children can continue with their activities without any danger, with the consequent peace of mind for parents. That is, due to the size of schools and nurseries and the large number of spaces and facilities, it is usually necessary to have a professional team capable of optimally carrying out the cleaning work.

To achieve a perfect and effective cleaning of an educational centre, the best thing to do is to have a professional cleaning company that designs a specific action protocol for each centre.

Steps to follow in the daily cleaning of a school

The cleaning process of any educational centre requires following a series of steps in detail; only then can complete sanitation of the entire facility be ensured. This process must be carried out daily to ensure an aseptic environment during each school day.

The Importance of School Cleaning

Steps to follow in the daily cleaning of a school:

Ventilate the rooms

The first step is to ventilate classrooms, bathrooms, sports facilities and any space used by opening windows and doors. The room’s air is renewed with ventilation, helping to eliminate odours, dust and suspended germs. The renewal of the air in the classrooms is fundamental. When several people are in closed spaces, the air becomes stale, and odours from the people’s activity usually appear. Especially in bathrooms and sports facilities, we must maintain daily ventilation to avoid unpleasant smells.

Remove waste

Children usually need to be more careful when tidying up and keeping the spaces they use clean. For this reason, collecting and clearing the rooms of all kinds of waste, paper, food scraps, toys, etc., is generally necessary. Any regular classroom requires sweeping waste from the floors and emptying the bins. Especially in nurseries, you must be careful and pick up any remains or debris left there at the end of the day as part of yout school cleaning daily routine.

Floor vacuuming and dust removal in educational centres

A primary job related to the school cleaning is removing the dust and chalk on surfaces, tables, chairs or furniture. It is carried out with microfiber cloths and a non-toxic anti-static product used exclusively for this purpose. We should sweep or vacuum daily to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the corners.

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Remove stains

It is common for nurseries and schools to appear in various spots derived from a school activity, like ink stains, traces of crayons and pencils, erasers, etc. We must clean these stains and residues with a cloth and a specific product solution for each case. When working in school cleaning, you have to be especially careful with the kind of products you use. They must always be non-toxic products, but they ensure proper removal of the stain and thoroughly disinfect the treated surface.

When cleaning a school centre’s surfaces, it is crucial to pay special attention to some elements that may go unnoticed. For example, the doors and their handles are elements that receive a lot of use and the constant contact of many hands. For this reason, it is essential to clean them daily and prevent any germ or pathogen from passing quickly from one hand to another.

Glass Cleaning

Educational centres need a lot of natural light, so there are usually large windows in each classroom or room. Of course, the windows must be cleaned periodically to ensure that light passes through them optimally and to prevent dirt and hand prints from accumulating, giving them a neglected appearance. We must clean the windows inside and out, so specialized glass cleaning operators are necessary, who treat the material with specific products that leave them shiny.

Cleaning school bathrooms

Cleaning bathrooms, gyms and school canteens

Nursery and school bathrooms are spaces in which cleaning must be constant. They are places with a tendency to the appearance of spots that can lead to potential sources of infection, so daily bathroom cleaning becomes necessary. We must clean them with premium materials and products that ensure complete disinfection and deodorization of the room. It is essential to pay attention to each element.

We also must deep clean gyms, locker rooms and sports facilities daily. In this way, we ensure an aseptic environment and avoid the appearance of annoying odours. If we don’t clean them daily, it is easy for a pungent smell to appear quickly, derived from the use they receive.

Cleaning in school canteens is essential. We must treat all surfaces and corners to ensure a hygienic environment. Removing food debris and stains is necessary to achieve this goal. For these cases, there are specialist products for cleaning school canteens, non-toxic products that are not aggressive with the treated surfaces.

Floor scrubbing

The floor scrubbing process is carried out daily with non-toxic disinfectant products. Depending on the material of which the floor is composed, it acts in a certain way. Plastic or vinyl floors are typical in nurseries and schools due to their easy maintenance and zero porosity. Tiled or terrazzo floors are common and easy to scrub and maintain. Scrubbing is the end of the process and ensures complete sanitization and deodorization of all spaces.

Other materials

In the case of finding ourselves in the classrooms with textile materials, these must be cleaned regularly by washing them separately. Textiles tend to accumulate dust and dirt in nurseries. For example, We must renew sheets and pillows daily to prevent the spread of pathogens among students.

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