Are we using cleaning alcohol correctly?

If you wonder what cleaning alcohol is for, you will find the answer here. But not only that, but we also will tell you some tricks and utilities that you can apply at home to guarantee hygiene and safety in your spaces.

Using cleaning alcohol correctly

We would like to inform you about this effective product. However, we must clarify that it is not the same alcohol we use to disinfect wounds and cuts. This last is ethyl alcohol.

We are talking of isopropyl alcohol, used to tackle cleaning tasks. Although both are different and have different uses, they fulfil the same function: disinfection.

using cleaning alcohol correctly

Using Cleaning alcohol

As we have just mentioned, isopropyl alcohol is used as cleaning alcohol. It is a chemical product that allows the disinfection of different surfaces. Therefore, it is beneficial to eliminate polluting and harmful substances for health at home or professionally.

Also, you should know that it is also known as secondary propyl alcohol, Isopropanol, among others. It is vital to be very careful and avoid ingesting it as it can be toxic. Therefore, it is best to keep it away from children and pets.

Where can we start using cleaning alcohol?

Electronic devices

Suppose you are interested in knowing what cleaning alcohol is for. In that case, you should remember that it manages to remove dirt from many electronic components without causing damage to their operation.

Therefore, we can use it to clean susceptible items, such as video game consoles, optical disc drives, LCD screens, tablets, smartphones, etc. It is recommended to apply it with a cloth moistened with the product on the component to be cleaned. Of course, please wait for the liquid to evaporate before using the electronic device again.

Flooring and blinds

Cleaning alcohol also works to remove dirt and mould from between kitchen and bathroom tiles. Likewise, we can use it on blinds. You should only apply it with the help of a damp cloth. Since it has no odour, you could add another product that provides a pleasant aroma.

Pest control

Surely when asking yourself what cleaning alcohol is for, you will not expect this answer. But yes, this product can also destroy different bacteria, viruses and pests. It can be helpful to kill parasites and small insects that, for example, are found in combs used by pets.

Mirrors and glasses

You can apply it on pieces that include a mirror or glass since it can remove dirt on these surfaces. It is appropriate to use it to clean bathroom mirrors, rearview mirrors, and anything else made of glass. Cleaning alcohol also works to polish metals.
Generally, metallic objects lose their glossy finish over time, but rubbing the thing in question with alcohol can recover it.

using cleaning alcohol

What is cleaning alcohol for the industry?

Indeed you are interested in knowing other uses of this product. Specifically, we can use isopropyl alcohol in various chemical and cleaning product manufacturing processes in the industrial sector.

Among them:

  • Solvents for acrylic and epoxy ethylcellulose resins, gums, natural resins, essential oils, and nitrocellulose.
  • Solvent for inks, paints, generic cleaners, adhesives, antifreeze, disinfectants.
  • Agent for the purification and extraction of natural products such as animal and vegetable oils.

What care should be taken with cleaning alcohol?

In addition to knowing what cleaning alcohol is for, you must be aware of the care that you must maintain for its use. As discussed at the beginning of this article, Isopropyl alcohol is a very toxic and flammable product. For this reason, we must handle it with great care.

It usually brings indications and warnings to advise how it should be used to be safe and does not cause any inconvenience. Do not inhale the vapours that it usually produces if used in large quantities. Keep cleaning alcohol out of the reach of children.

Also, when using it for electronic devices, make sure that they are disconnected from the electrical current and remain calm. That means they have not been recently used.

What can be cleaned with ethyl alcohol?

Since we know what cleaning alcohol is for, we can understand the uses of other types of alcohol.

  • Eliminates bacteria: this alcohol is used to clean the surfaces with which we are in frequent contact, such as telephones, switches, keys, etc. It is only necessary to soak a cotton ball with a bit of alcohol and pass it over to the object to clean or disinfect it.
  • Remove the glue residue: If you need to recycle a glass jar, the glue will no longer be a nightmare. With a bit of ethyl alcohol, you can remove the glue residues present in the glass container.
  • Sterilize toys: you can clean toys with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. It is a quick way to kill germs.
  • Clean faucets and bathroom: used to remove accumulated dirt on kitchen or bathroom faucets. You can make a mixture of equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol to spray on.
  • Give a new life to furniture: Another use of alcohol is applied to leather furniture; these come with anti-flammable and waterproof treatments to last over time. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid water so that they remain free of stains.

Now that you know what cleaning alcohol is for and have mastered this product’s benefits, it is time to try it.
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