Cleaning companies in Bristol, which one to hire?

When hiring a cleaning company in Bristol, we must follow the following steps:

Cleaning Companies in Bristol

Which one should I hire?

Cleaning homes, work areas, and other spaces such as schools or warehouses have evolved widely in recent years: recruitment, provision of services, contracts, etc.

What cleaning services do we need?

The cleaning methods for homes or businesses are entirely different. When hiring cleaning companies in Bristol, we must be clear about what services we need, what areas we want to clean, or specificities. Depending on these needs, there will also be the hours or days we require cleaning. For example, bathrooms require cleaning several times a day due to the imperative need for hygiene.


How important are references?

They are not necessary; they are fundamental. Experience is a degree, although not the only one. The presence of many cleaning companies in Bristol with many workers makes finding a cleaning company easier than in a smaller city.
Let’s look at the web pages of cleaning companies in Bristol. Tabs like ‘Our clients’, ‘Testimonials’ or ‘About Us’ are already a good indicator since the company makes its clients public know that they are satisfied with their work.

Digital presence

The websites of the cleaning companies in Bristol that we are looking for are our first contact. Certain sections must appear:

  • The company, who they are and its History if they have a long history. It will give us confidence since experience is a degree.
  • We must order the services they provide and meticulously describe them.
  • The quote should be easy to access, consult, and imply any commitment between the client and the cleaning company.
  • Cleaning work involves many risks and insecurities for those who work independently. Doing it through a cleaning company entails benefits in social protection, corporate image, projection of professionalism and salary security.
  • A blog is detailing cleaning techniques that we can use daily, new products that have hit the market or practical advice to keep our home clean.
  • A contact form lets us detail our doubts or needs in an email. Social networks have joined these in recent years, a critical factor in making the company known easily and intuitively.
cleaning companies in Bristol

The Cleaning Quote

Suppose we are looking for cleaning companies in Bristol to service our business. In that case, one of the elements to consider is the quote, which will allow us to evaluate and compare offers.
The possibility of requesting a quote without obligation is a symbol of trust in the company since it demonstrates total transparency toward the potential client. It usually includes an online form on the website that allows us to obtain a quote quickly.
If the company takes excessive time to make a quote, it is a sign that it is not organized. The maximum recommended time is three days to get a response from the cleaning company.

Request a visit

A way to get a cleaning quote is by requesting a visit to the workplace or home once the offer is accepted. The cleaning company can adjust their quotation to the client’s needs. A company that offers this service is trustworthy since it is usual that they must first know the tasks to be assessed and the characteristics of the business or home before starting work.

Is the price something to take into account?

It is one of the most important, but it cannot be the only one when choosing cleaning companies in Bristol. When there is a significant difference between one company and another, we may ask ourselves why. When one of the prices is excessively low compared to its competitors, we must distrust and think about what the company tries to save costs. Such as the safety of its workers or the use of low-quality products.

It is crucial to ensure liability insurance, and we must do so by describing the cleaning company’s activities. Many cleaning companies whose activity is limited to the interior areas carry out cleaning activities outdoors with the consequent danger to workers and the client’s responsibility. Or, for example, they perform maintenance, and their insurance only covers cleaning.

The cleaning chemicals they use

We must remember that cleaning products are aggressive, although there are different ranges. We will use these products so that they are of good quality, ensuring the least possible negative impact. A good cleaning company in Bristol should offer eco-friendly cleaning products.

All these products must have, according to regulations, a data-sheet explaining their application and functions. All companies must have them, and, in case of doubt, the client must be able to request them at any time.
One of the most harmful yet widely used products is bleach, a traditional cleaning product. We must request the company replace bleach with chlorinated products, which disinfect without mistreating surfaces.

Most modern companies are beginning to clean with Ozone. Ozone treatment is 100% natural. It is not harmful or damages the materials we clean. Also, if this were not enough, Ozone is the most excellent disinfectant. It is 3000 times more effective than chlorine and 7000 times more effective than bleach.

At That’s Cleaning, we offer eco-friendly cleaning products and services to make sure anyone gets harmed by usindg them.

Bristol’s cleaning companies often assure us to disinfect our work centres or homes of bacteria with the usual cleaning. Still, we must make sure that they use not harmful eco-friendly cleaning products.

Satisfaction guarantee

Suppose we are not satisfied with the work that the company has carried out. In that case, we must request that it be corrected and, in return, the company must make sure that the client is a hundred per cent satisfied.

Hire a Cleaning Company in Bristol for your business

To make sure we hire the right cleaning company in Bristol, we must take into account:

Know our needs

We must clarify what our needs are from the first moment. With this, we refer to the tasks to be assessed and what products they will use since we can be more selective in our home than in the workplace. We should also set the frequency of cleaning, so we will get precisely the result we want.

A relationship of trust and security

Since cleaners will share space with us while they work, it is convenient to maintain a relationship that is as comfortable as possible.
The development of their work should not involve giving information to third parties about what happens in your home.

Maintain good communication

The cleaning company you have hired is charging for their work, so they should do their best. If that is not the case, you must communicate it to them from the first moment to adjust to your demands.

Know the difference between house and workplace

Cleaning a home should not entail additional tasks for the cleaner other than this. We must bear in mind that the cleaning company in Bristol you have hired is specialized in commercial cleaning, not in the care of your pet or your family.

And you? Do you already know how to hire cleaning companies in Bristol for your business or home?

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