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The most formidable challenge in a gym may be cleaning the exercise equipment and weights throughout the day. Though most health clubs ask members to wipe down every machine after use, it doesn’t always happen, and it’s unrealistic when the exercise area is bustling.

Our Gym Cleaning teams are trained & equipped with the best cleaning chemicals, materials, and machinery to service your cleaning needs. They also clean gyms in Bristol and surrounding areas daily.

Our range of eco-friendly products is also available upon request.

Our highly trained staff are dedicated to their jobs. They will ensure that you never worry about unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions in your gym and bathrooms.

For customer health, cleaning systems must remove soils from toilets, sinks, stalls, and floors while minimising the risk of cross-contamination. We remove soil instead of dragging them from room to room with mops and rags. It increases the cleanliness level in every room, making it safer for your customers and employees.


Spray-and-vac cleaning do double duty in fitness club locker rooms and showers. Since locker rooms don’t always have sinks in the changing area, members often get changed straight from the exercise room, touching the lockers. Our trained cleaners will pass through the locker areas several times per day to remove the germs from these surfaces.

Shower floors, handles and curtains are another set of challenges. Our system is also effective in getting these shower areas spotless.

Keeping a gym spotless may seem like a tall order, but a thorough checklist can help you tackle the cleaning efficiently. We understand how important it is for gym owners to keep their places spotless, providing high-quality, safe services to their members.

We also understand how difficult it can be to do it yourself, having no experience or resources for the job. Hiring a full-time cleaning staff is also not feasible because of the high cost and time commitment. Then is where we come in.

That’s Cleaning offers added value to your gym as cleaner facilities go a long way to provide your customer with a pleasant experience at every visit.


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Gym Cleaning Services in Bristol

Gyms have always been a place of worship for bodybuilders and health-conscious people. They use gyms not just to build up their muscles but also to improve their overall health. They should not have to deal with dirty or unhygienic gyms.

But let us face it, people sweat a lot when exercising. And this is why it is essential for gym owners to regularly and thoroughly clean their gym premises and machines, maintaining proper cleaning and the highest hygiene standards.

To avoid bacteria transfer throughout the day, our staff will regularly clean touchpoints like free weights, treadmill controls, and machine handles and handlebars. Let us do the hard job!

Not only will That’s Cleaning provide you with a hygienic clean, but we also provide soap and sanitary wipe dispensers. We will ensure that your bathrooms are cleaned and sanitised throughout the day, clean towels provided, and soap dispensers refilled.

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