COVID-19 Solutions


covid-19 solutions


Fogging Services

The decontaminating process enables a space to be subjected to an application that transforms antiviral cleaning agents into micro-fine drops, disinfecting a higher area and improving people’s protection.

  • Fogging is among the best of its kind for decontaminating, smell control, disease control, and treatment.
  • Perfect for reaching cracks and crevices and soft furnishings where microorganisms’ growth can rapidly occur.
  • It enables vast areas to be treated in minutes using airflow to increase exposure.
  • Spaces need to be left for just over an hour after the treatment to reduce disruption.
  • Treatment is quick, maintaining costs to a minimum as the application time is reasonably brief.
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Antiviral Deep Cleaning sanitizes any solid surface eliminating any trace of pathogens increasing health sanitation standards and total disinfection.

We understand COVID-19 is one of the most pressing trouble humanity faces right now, as it has such a significant worldwide effect. The speed at which COVID-19 is moving worldwide worries everyone involved, particularly those that, for whatever reason, are exposed to contagion to a greater extent.

That’s Cleaning offers decontamination solutions through a range of methods & disinfectants to minimize the risk to occupants of spaces from a small area to an entire office, classroom, shop, or public building in Bristol. Public Health England recommends the disinfection procedures used.

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We provide disinfection services for the most frequently touching points as part of our day-to-day routine. Our unique eco-friendly cleaning products attack and destroy all germs. It will replace bacteria, viruses and spores in their path with long-lasting, odourless freshness and leave you with a much cleaner & safer environment. The frequently touched points within your premises are likely to include the following:

  • ​​Desktops and work surfaces
  • Doorknobs, doorplates, handles, light switches & handrails
  • Telephone equipment, computer keyboards & mouse
  • Chairs and other furniture
  • Sinks and kitchens
  • Toilets (Taps, flushers, dispensers)
  • Water fountains
  • Vending machines
  • Lifts (In & out)
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As part of our COVID-19 Solutions, we provide Bristol’s professional ozone treatment service. It removes harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, and various allergens often hiding in plain sight. It has a proven ability to remove many disease-causing substances.

One of the most common uses for ozone treatment is the removal of odours. In the same way, it attacks mould or bacteria cells. Ozone gas will also attack the airborne cells that make odours. It is helpful for many different purposes, including hotel rooms and houses with lingering smells from tobacco smoke.

COVID-19 Solutions

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Fogging & Disinfection Services

  • That’s Cleaning provides cost-effective and affordable antiviral fogging services in Bristol.
  • Our fogging treatment prevents the accumulation of microorganisms even after being applied, so it does have a residual impact.
  • Fogging treatment kills viruses, bacteria, dust mites, mildew, fungi & mould.
  • Once contacted and gathered all the necessary info we require, we will give you a quote for your facilities.
  • When you decide to undertake the fogging, we will arrange an appropriate day for our professionals to come and disinfect the space.
  • We will then get in touch with you to establish an appropriate day for the fogging treatment.
  • Although the fog itself is safe for human beings, we insist that our customers leave their properties for the fogging duration.
  • How long it lasts is dependent on the dimension of the area.
  • Our fogging professionals will come to your properties and begin preparation.
  • Once they are ready to fog, they will ask you and your team to please leave the facilities throughout the fogging process.
  • It ensures that the treatment is as efficient as possible, eliminating all microorganisms, viruses and bacteria on every surface it comes into contact with.

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