How to avoid dirt and clutter in your office

how to avoid dirt

Order and cleanliness in the workplace are essential to work effectively. Suppose clutter, dirt or other unnecessary elements are constantly present. In that case, inefficiencies are noticeable, such as lost time, delays and even the risk of accidents.

How to avoid dirt and clutter?

At this time, when you probably work from the office or home, you should be able to keep your workplace clean and tidy. It is not always necessary to hire cleaning services since putting these simple tips into practice will help you keep the clutter from getting out of hand.

Why is it essential to keep your office clean and tidy?

To achieve and maintain order, you can implement a specific routine, such as the Japanese 5 S methodology. It includes five key points to keep your workplace in perfect condition.

The 5 S’s

1. Seiri: Separate unnecessary elements.

Identify the necessary elements in your workplace and separate them from the unnecessary ones, eliminating all those not essential. You must eradicate old papers and tools that you hardly use. Everything that is not strictly essential for your work.

2. Seiton: Place necessary elements.

To achieve this, you have to decide where to place each element, avoiding leaving something unnecessary inside and something necessary outside. The more visual, the easier it will be to follow the system.

3. Seiso: Remove dirt.

It is essential to keep the workplace tidy and clean, promoting a good atmosphere and helping reduce accidents and maintaining a high level of quality.

4. Seiketsu: Signaling anomalies.

Marking the elements that fail, solving breakdowns, and painting if necessary are examples of factors that do not work as they should. In short, carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on the working tools.

5. Shitsuke: Continuous improvement.

Shitsuke proposes continuous improvement. It is about applying the previous points repeatedly to keep improving and never stop working under this system. You can continuously improve because new needs arise that need to be solved.

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5 Tips to help you eliminate dirt and clutter

In the following lines, we offer you five tips that will help you keep your workplace clean without spending too much time and avoid dirt and clutter.

Try to be minimalist.

To keep your workplace or office clean and tidy, we recommend having what is necessary. Avoid storing objects or papers that are useless and have no use every day.

Don’t let clutter invade you.

Remember that order is essential. Practising a functional organization will help you make your work much more effective. Knowing where you keep everything will make you much more efficient.

Establish a day or more of review and cleaning.

Perhaps the most important tip. Organize a calendar based on the dirt generated in the room, and do not neglect any task. Remember that some areas are more vulnerable and get dirty than other spaces.

Invest in help if you can’t.

If you can’t handle it all and don’t have time to clean, the best thing is to hire professional commercial and office cleaners to take care of it. The advantages of outsourcing cleaning and maintenance are many. Still, the most important is that it won’t take too long or require excessive effort to have people carry out these tasks.

Do your best not to make a mess.

Keeping order and trying not to make a mess is crucial for the office to be in perfect condition.

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