5 Useful tips for office cleaning

Office cleaning is not something that everyone likes. As much as it is vital to keep the office spaces clean, we overlook the importance of maintaining office cleanliness.

Office cleaning tips

The people who own the offices or commercial spaces do not heed this crucial factor! And if you are one of them, let me tell you the truth. You’re doing it all wrong!

A clean office ensures decent hygiene, but it can also make cheery the office ambience. As a result, your employees can work more proficiently. The employees’ productivity also kicks in when they work in a de-cluttered, clean space. Also, with clean office space, you can leave a good first impression on your clients or customers. A good presentation of your office can help you win some fitting deals!

If you’re planning to clean your office, you can always take the help of the right commercial office cleaning company.
Glance through these five easy office cleaning tips that you can start with today!

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5 Fantastic tips for office cleaning

Cleaning the bookshelves

If you have any bookshelves in your office, make sure they are de-cluttered, organised, and clean. The books, loose papers, files or folders must be kept well-organised. You can take the help of office cleaners for this but make sure that you supervise the task, as it might involve essential papers and folders.

While cleaning the bookshelves, you can take all these things down for a while and rearrange them in perfect order. For instance, if you have specific essential papers lying loosely around the bookshelves, gather them together and place them in the correct folders. It will cut the clutter and make it convenient to approach the critical papers when needed.

That is the best part of office cleaning, and you get to reorganise and de-clutter the stuff. It can help you speed up your work as everything is found suitable!

You can also arrange the folders or files alphabetically to find them easily.
When it comes to books, the book tops often catch dust. You can vacuum clean the book tops and make your books fresh again!

Cleaning public areas

The public area of your office is where the people from outside the office usually come, sit and get their first impression. These people can be your customers, clients, business partners from other cities or potential employees. So this area must be presentable enough to leave a great first impression on your visitors.

As it is the most critical place in your office, it must look clean and have a welcoming vibe attached to it. You can start with a regular cleaning regimen:

  • Make sure you mop or vacuum the floor every day.
  • You can put some beautiful pictures on the walls and set up an organised reception desk.
  • We must very well clean the chairs kept in this area.
  • If you have a carpet, make sure you regularly vacuum it.
  • To add a good vibe to the place, you can place fresh flowers on the desk or use aromatic sprays.
  • While preparing your office cleaning schedule, check that you mention cleaning this part of your office.

Lighting fixtures

Every office has lightning fixtures installed around the workspace or near the desks. When left unattended, these lightning fixtures always gather around the dust that can accumulate over a while.
The result? Your office lighting can get dimmed.

If your office space has not had the appropriate light, the people working in the office might be affected badly. A poorly lit area disrupts the employees’ focus, and they can even face extra strain while working.
You can get the lighting fixtures cleaned with the right cleaning supplies, dusters, and a microfiber cloth.

Disposal of waste

Waste is bound to gather around in an office space regularly. The primary office cleaning tip is not to leave accumulated waste.
Ensure you deploy wastebaskets at all the critical areas used with the trash bins. The waste from all these wastebaskets or crates must be disposed- of regularly. Also, make sure that the office cleaners regularly replace the bags in the bins.
If this activity is not followed regularly, the waste will gather within the office space, which is a massive sign of unhygienic conduct.

Cleaning the windows

The windows are mostly exposed to the outside dust and dirt. And so, regular cleaning of these windows is required.

  • With the help of cleaning chemicals and a microfiber cloth, you can clean the glasses of the windows, if any.
  • We must clean off the frames of the windows regularly, so no dust gets accumulated around them.
  • If any curtains or blinds around the windows, they must be washed or vacuumed regularly.
  • You can direct your office cleaners to follow the cleaning procedures at regular intervals to maintain cleanliness in the future.

With all these practical office cleaning tips, you will rest assured that your office is a clean, presentable, and sanitised space.

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