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Schools, nurseries or colleges are places where our children need perfect hygiene due to their activity. Bristol’ & Cardiff’ schools and other educational centres are busy with intense activity and movement for many hours a day. It is necessary to maintain a school in perfect condition. So a clean dining room, a recess without litter, clean bathrooms, constantly using the safest hygiene products and adapting to interact with children and young people is a must. We honestly believe that our eco-friendly products are your best choice for this purpose.

Our little ones and youngsters are the most important to us. Guaranteeing a healthy environment is a fundamental pillar of their well-being; we want the place where they spend most of the day in optimal hygienic and clean conditions. We need them to learn and live in an environment that is as aseptic as possible and cleaned with low-toxicity and quality, environmentally-friendly products.

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Bristol & Cardiff

At That’s Cleaning, we want to become your trusted school cleaning company. We work hard and efficiently daily, adding experience and know-how to our services. We have the best cleaning staff, always qualified and having extensive knowledge and skills. We always work with the best products and techniques on the market, and we are committed to the environment.

Suppose it is unavoidable to use powerful cleaning agents. In that case, our trained and professional school cleaners in Bristol & Cardiff strive to eliminate all chemical traces that could harm our children.

That’s Cleaning adapts to your needs. We always offer you the best range of cleaning services, adjusting to your specific requirements and completing a complete analysis of your situation to solve any problem. We want you to completely forget about the cleaning and trust us for all those heavy tasks to maintain the health of our little ones, staff, and the places where they learn.



school cleaners in bristol

Qualified professionals

Our employees in Bristol & Cardiff meet the requirements and with the training that the current legality requires regarding the handling of cleaning products. Thus, the work is always serious and of quality. Everything that has to do with our agreement to clean your school or nursery will always be subject to a binding contract as a guarantee of satisfaction.

Brilliant results

Within the general cleaning services, That’s Cleaning puts at your disposal its experience and capabilities to carry out all kinds of conservation and sanitation services. Suppose you need other services, such as floor scrubbing or polishing, window cleaning or disinfection treatments. In that case, we will make a specific proposal. We will perform every job with the same guarantees.

We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.


School Cleaning Needs

That’s Cleaning has a capable and expert team to analyze the needs of your school and decide what the best way to proceed with your daily cleaning is.

The cleaning and sanitizing of schools require that we clean them professionally and frequently depending on the use and influx of people; we will agree with you.

School Cleaning Proposal

Once we agree with the primary assessment of your educational centre, our cleaning company will create a detailed and focused cleaning checklist for your school.

We will explain to you the different techniques and products used. So you can decide the best cleaning frequency to maintain and preserve the perfect condition of the centre for as long as possible.

Start Date

Once we specify the best way to proceed and sign the agreement, the sanitization of your teaching facilities will be in our hands. You will be able to free yourself from the great responsibility that maintaining the cleaning of schools entails.

We will start the cleaning according to the agreed plan within the established deadlines and always comply with the established schedules, guaranteeing results.

Cleaning products

The machinery, items and cleaning products for your school are always our responsibility. That’s Cleaning uses the most effective products on the professional cleaning market in the UK under its responsibility.

In addition, we have a firm commitment to caring for the environment, as we only use products that guarantee sustainability and environmental ethics.

Flexibility and adaptability

The frequency will be agreed upon between both parties, always considering the proposal and the plan presented with an assessment that will define the action protocol.

That’s Cleaning managers will visit and assess the status of your facilities periodically to evaluate the work and proceed to make adjustments if necessary.

Staff at your service

We will agree with you about the cleaning days, taking into account the centre’s needs and facilities so that everything is always in perfect hygiene for work and the development of your students.

By taking care of your facilities, we can extend their useful life and work to improve the planet’s future.

professional school cleaners in Bristol

We take care of much more than cleaning your school

That’s Cleaning will carry out services according to what is required by the client and the established planning. You will decide if you want us to clean on a holiday or a working day, morning, evening, or night.