Ozone Treatment – How to remove tobacco smell

If you live with a smoker, you know that the tobacco smell is one of the most penetrating and resounding, and its elimination is particularly complicated. The morning after a few cigarettes, an airless room has a musty smell that can be very annoying and persistent.

Ozone Treatment

How to remove tobacco smell

ozone treatment

Do you want to know how to remove tobacco smell? The experts at That’s Cleaning, cleaning specialists in Bristol, will tell you everything you need to know about Ozone Treatment in Bristol & Cardiff.

Last night you had guests, and they smoked more than they should have? You don’t usually smoke at home, but you made an exception for the winter, and now you regret it? Getting rid of the cigarettes’ smell is more straightforward than it seems.

  • First of all, open the windows: 10 minutes of ventilation is enough, and you will get rid of most of the concentrated smoke smell.
  • Next, pour three tablespoons of cleaning vinegar into a bowl, soak a cloth, and shake it around the room. The vinegar will absorb the odour.
  • You can also distribute containers with a 75%-25% vinegar-water mixture around the room, which will produce the same effect.
  • Finish with an air freshener of your choice. In the market, you will find specific odour absorbers and air fresheners for tobacco odour that will help you to keep the room fresh. However, remember that the air freshener alone is usually not enough. Instead of eliminating the smell, it masks it, so you should always have done one of the previous steps beforehand.

Do you know that smoking is going to take place in your house? Put some cat litter in the ashtrays of your home before visitors arrive: they will help prevent the odour. The effect is similar if you put some coffee beans or citrus peels instead of sand, which will also aromatize the environment.

How to remove tobacco smell

Eliminating tobacco odour from textiles and clothing

Tobacco smoke penetrates very quickly into textiles, which creates a problem even for non-smokers, who may notice how their clothes reek of tobacco after a social gathering.

Can tobacco smell be removed without going through the washing machine?

The answer is yes. If you’ve just come from a party where there were smokers and feel the need to sanitize everything you’re wearing, take note:

Leave your clothes outside: ventilation is vital. If the weather is nice, hang all your clothes out and leave them outside for a while. If it rains, you can hang them inside the house, but always in a place with good ventilation so that the air carries away the odour particles.

Place a bowl of baking soda next to the garment to absorb the odour. We have already talked about this substance on other occasions. Inside the closets, it is an excellent ally against the smell of dampness.

Tea tree oil: a tablespoon in a glass of water is enough. Put it in a spray bottle, spray the garment and let it dry. It’s magic.

If you are going to wash clothes, remember to permanently separate the clothes with tobacco odour from those without in separate washes. Add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent drawer. Besides being great for odour removal, it will leave your clothes soft and fluffy.

Ozone treatment

Ozono treatment & air purifiers to eliminate tobacco smell

Do you prefer to opt for a less traditional and more technological remedy?

In the market, you will find a wide variety of air purifiers capable of filtering the air particles from the environment, separating them from the residues and bad smells produced by tobacco, returning fresh and deodorized air to the room. When purchasing one, consider how many square meters has the room in which you will place it so that its power goes accordingly.

You can also find ozone generators for home use. As you know, ozone treatment is one of the best ways to eliminate foul odours since the molecules of this gas oxidize everything around them when they are transformed into oxygen molecules. Although they are not as effective as the industrial ones, their use is safe even for non-professionals.

What to do if you need cleaning services?

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