Why are good commercial cleaners so helpful for businesses?

When you have a business, it is essential to take care of the transmitted image. Physical shops and offices are the visible faces of the company and the brand, so we must take care of the small details for the public.

Why is Commercial Cleaning so crucial for businesses?

Commercial Cleaners

The order and cleanliness of business premises are among the most influential factors in making a great impression. They can be the decisive factor in whether or not a customer chooses you instead of the competition. Commercial cleaners can take care of it.

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The importance of cleaning business premises?

Commercial premises have specific characteristics that require concise cleaning. Depending on the type of business to which it is dedicated, we believe they need a deeper cleaning or a more superficial one. It is imperative when we use the premises for activities related to food or handling of chemical products.

As we have already mentioned, commercial cleaning and, subsequently, commercial cleaners are the key to making a good impression on customers who visit the business. Therefore, cleaning should not be considered secondary. When professionally done, it will attract new customers, retain existing ones, and encourage them to make recurring purchases.

Commercial premises are places with much traffic, with the movement of merchandise, usually with large windows or glasses, carpets, and, sometimes, pets’ entrance. All this makes a daily cleaning essential, but thorough deep cleaning with a regular periodicity depending on the area in question and the assistance of a team of commercial cleaners would be perfect. We recommend at least quarterly.

When a customer comes to your business, it is pleasant to notice a clean and fresh atmosphere that conveys warmth. These details make customers feel good and are not in a hurry to leave your facilities. Commercial cleaning will also impact, and it will notice in the sales.

As for the company’s internal part, a workforce that works in a busy environment, sometimes without ventilation, will not be happy enough with dust on the floor and lint in the corners. Workers who work in an optimal environment are proven to be more productive.

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What will commercial cleaners do in my business?

Every business has its specific cleaning requirements. Considering this, we will know the most common cleaning tasks performed by commercial cleaners on business premises.

Cleaning shop windows and mirrors

Cleaning the interior of the shop windows is exceptionally essential. They are the visible face for everyone, whether they are customers or not. It can sometimes determine whether or not a person enters the shop. The transmitted image must be meticulous, and the articles placed there must be perfectly clean.

They will probably be some fingerprints on the outside of the glasses, so they must be kept as neat as possible since they can obstruct the view from the street. We should do it between 2 and 3 times a month; this will depend on the traffic on the road or the season in which we find ourselves; of course, they get dirtier in winter with the rains.

The inside of the windows will not need cleaning that often since, in theory, nobody has access to them, and they should get less dirty. In the case of mirrors located inside the premises, it should be a daily cleaning task. Let a commercial cleaner assist you, and your customers will notice the difference.

Cleaning of furniture and exhibitors

In places that expose its products to the public, cleaning is necessary on display units and shelves distributed throughout the store. The appearance they present will tell a lot about your brand’s image.

Suppose the products are stained or between dust and lint. In that case, many customers will give up their purchase idea because of the disgusting image they are taking. We must also do the cleaning furniture, displays and decorative elements daily. In this section, we can include the emptying of bins as well.

We highly recommend using a detailed checklist to guide commercial cleaners in their work.

Counter Cleaning

The counter is a piece of furniture that needs the same cleaning criteria as the exhibitors. In our opinion, the counter requires more attention, since when someone buys, they spend time there. Some people go directly to the counter without being anywhere else in the store, so they will picture the image that emerges at that moment.

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Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses must always be clean and in order. In this area, we no longer enter the image that the client takes. It is a matter of the sensation perceived by the employees and the compliance with certain safety aspects. It is advisable to do it a couple of times a week; the frequency will be according to the type of accumulated goods.

Cleaning of floors and pavements

The floors of commercial premises accumulate a lot of dirt due to the movement of people throughout the working day. Sweeping or vacuuming and daily scrubbing are essential to maintain the cleanliness and disinfection necessary for a public place.

We must give particular importance to the entrance of the premises as they must be clean, free of footprints or stains. From time to time, treatment must be carried out according to the characteristics of the soil materials to protect it and prevent damage by way of maintenance.
Commercial cleaners will do the job so you can focus on your customers.

Washroom Cleaning

Even if customers do not usually use the toilets, they must be spotless and disinfected. Also, depending on the staff and its use, they have to be cleaned at least once a day. It is a peaceful place in terms of disinfection and requires a minimum of sanitation.

Carpet Cleaning

If the commercial premises include rugs or carpets, their cleaning must be thorough. In places such as a shoe store, where customers are barefoot and put their feet on the mats, getting their feet covered with dirt, lint, or other debris has a harmful effect. Vacuuming of these elements must be daily. A deep cleaning performed by a professional commercial cleaner is more than necessary from time to time.

Disinfection of electronic devices

We highly recommend disinfecting the electronic devices present in your business. Telephones, computers, or lock control need disinfection every day. If they are not disinfected from time to time, they can become a nest of bacteria.

Other cleaning tasks for commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaners still do other cleaning tasks not performed regularly. We should space in time activities that require special machineries, such as ozone cleaning, fogging treatments, or scrubbing and polishing floors.

If there is a kitchen, commercial cleaners should do this cleaning a minimum of a couple of times a week. The lamps need cleaning once a month; it depends on the environment if it is prone to dirt.

In the exterior perimeter cleaning, periodicity is established depending on the location of the premises.

What does a quote for Commercial Cleaning include?

Depending on the needs and characteristics of the business, it will need some tasks or others. Commercial cleaning companies tend to adapt to these needs. Since they are public spaces, it may be necessary to clean the premises at certain times or with specific products other than conventional cleaning.

The cleaning company will consider several issues to prepare your quote. Then they will offer you a customized quote adapted to the needs of the business, adjusting the expenses to its needs and specific characteristics.

 The main aspects to take into account are:

  • Location of the business premises.
  • Square feet of the areas to clean.
  • Distribution of the surface: if there is a kitchen, number of rooms, floors, etc.
  • Quantity and dimension of glass, shop windows and mirrors, and accessibility to them.
  • Type of floor or pavement and if it has carpets or not.
  • The cleaning schedule (in case of night cleaning, the service could be a bit more expensive)

If you need a quote for the commercial cleaning of your business premises, contact us without obligation.
We provide the best environment for your business premises so that your customers feel at home. At That’s Cleaning, we ensure the best maintenance and cleaning service for your business.

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