5 Top tips for a proper office cleaning

An office has to be appropriately tidy, disinfected, and clean, so choosing the best products for a proper office cleaning is crucial. Finding harmony in our work environment will always help a good work organization.

What do you need to know for a proper office cleaning?

Our workplace is where we spend most of the day. Hence, it is not surprising that we have to take hygienic measures very seriously to prevent the spread of viruses and allergies. In addition, it is a fact that odour affects aspects related to productivity and work motivation.

What should I consider for a proper office cleaning?

The most important thing to take care of when looking for a proper office cleaning is to do it with an established periodicity. Some parts will need daily cleaning, and others weekly or even monthly cleaning.
It will depend on the degree of use of the space, the number of employees, working hours or possible setbacks in the company’s day-to-day.

proper office cleaning

Removal of waste

Daily maintenance is essential. Removing all the waste left in the office during the day is fundamental, especially if it is rubbish that generates odours or can become pollutants.
It is essential to choose suitable liner bags to avoid foul odours. They must also be vital if harsh elements inside the bag could damage the plastic and spill waste everywhere.

Cleaning surfaces and dust

  • We can include the walls, mouldings, cables, and dust from tables or chairs here.
  • We must clean every area in the office.
  • We will use a specific type of product in every area of your office. Products must be of good quality and disinfected as much as possible.
  • Facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens or canteens require a deep cleaning with suitable products—bacteria established in these areas-special care with these spaces.

Equipment disinfection

People who work in offices use to share telephones or computers. The daily use of electronic elements makes it necessary to disinfect these objects every little time.
The absence of cleanliness can cause viruses to spread and infections that make it impossible for the employees to work. Colds and respiratory illnesses use to spread by mouth, so we must remember that the telephone’s headphones are the closest to our mouths. The risk of contagion is higher than usual, so you cannot lower your guard with any office element.

Carpets and mats: a source of dirt

Very few companies are betting on carpets or rugs in the workspace. While it is true that they add more warmth to the environment, they are tough to clean, and they get dirty quickly. If your office still has them, take special care of the dirt, dust, and bacteria.
You can clean them daily or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner. Still, we should contact a cleaning company every so often to prevent the dirt from being embedded.

Windows are essential too

It is one of the elements that do not need much care, but cleaning the windows is another aspect to consider. It will depend a lot on the meteorology of the area where the office is. We cannot let the dirt from the outside prevent us from seeing through! A monthly cleaning would be enough to keep the windows clean.
Many techniques will help you have impeccable windows. Still, the best thing is that you can trust the experience of professionals in the sector who will use the appropriate methods and products for each type of glass and window.

Why is proper office cleaning necessary?

According to a study carried out at Cornell University (USA), 90% of businesses that maintained a proper office cleaning obtained a performance of their employees up to 15% more on average than those that were not.
Because we believe that this issue is crucial for the day to day of all workers, we will develop some essential aspects that you must consider when cleaning an office.

Improve productivity

It is one of the main reasons that move us to write these lines. We can work with greater clarity and comfort in a clean, fresh and pleasant environment than in an unpleasant place for our sight or smell.

Your office is your cover letter

You will often have meetings with clients or potential clients in your work environment. The distribution, the order, the cleanliness and even the smell are factors that intervene in the impression you can give to a person interested in your company. Therefore, we must avoid unpleasant, excessively unclean or dirty environments because it can create the feeling that our work is similar to how we have the office. Make your office the best cover letter.

The health of those around you is crucial

We will avoid employee absenteeism if we strive to maintain a clean environment. Dust that accumulates on furniture can lead to possible infections or allergies. On the other hand, imagine that a customer comes and is allergic to dust. Avoid all these situations that slow down work and hurt others. Just take care of the health of your employees by investing in a good office cleaning service.

You can save money

It seems obvious, but if you let the dust take over your machinery or electronic devices, there is a possibility that these will eventually break down. Avoid any inconvenience and bet on companies that take care of this so that the life of your devices never ends, or at least they last much longer.

General cleaning

Day by day, you can control the dirt and the order of your work environment. Here we will leave you some guidelines that you must follow when the workday ends so that the office remains clean every day. We can do it at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. That is up to you.

  • Collection of remains over surfaces.
  • Emptying and cleaning bins.
  • Dusting furniture.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets.
  • Scrub or vacuum, depending on the floor type.

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