How necessary is the office cleaning checklist

Do you want to improve the conditions of your office and offer a better work environment to your employees?

Office Cleaning Checklist

Using an office cleaning checklist can make cleaning tasks easier for your employees or your office cleaner, helping them do the optimal office cleaning.
Maintaining order and cleanliness is a task that anyone should not minimize as offices constitute the best letter of presentation of a company’s brand or corporate image.

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What should we include in the office cleaning checklist?

Every business must have its specific office cleaning checklist and disinfection protocol. Some elements deserve excellent care to counteract diseases caused by infectious agents. Foul odours can occur in these spaces as well.
So, in this article, we will help you make your office cleaning checklist to make sure the office cleaning tasks are easier to fulfil in the assigned time.
Some of them must be part of your office cleaning checklist:


Floors are one of the surfaces that most accumulate dust and dirt, especially office floors. Different people pass and leave part of the dirt accumulated on their shoes.
Although a daily deep cleaning of these surfaces is unnecessary, it is best to use a sweeping brush or a vacuum and a mop to keep them perfect.


Another element that should appear in the office cleaning checklist is the bins. They act as containers for the different waste that we dispose of in that place and accumulate elements that can generate diseases if they do not receive proper cleaning treatments.

Therefore, this element should not be missing from your office cleaning checklist. You have to pay attention daily. The final point of this task is to remove all rubbish from them, wash the bins and place a new bin bag to collect the current day’s waste.


As with floors, furniture also tends to accumulate dust residues. On some occasions, dirt marks can remain caused by people’s contact with them during the day.

Your assigned office cleaner must use a duster or cloth daily to remove any residues that may have accumulated and prevent bad cleaning conditions from intensifying.

We must pay special attention to desks that should not be missing from the daily office cleaning checklist. One piece of office furniture can accumulate more waste, such as papers and coffee residues. It is where employees put much of their job responsibilities into practice.

Likewise, a good office cleaner should also clean armchairs and chairs as it is convenient to remove the remains of dust.

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Phones, Keywords & Computers

It is crucial to include them in your office cleaning checklist. They are technological devices where many pathogens can accumulate. Highly polluting elements can lodge detached from the mouth, nose or fingers.
In this way, it is vital to clean and properly disinfect the office telephones every day. People who handle them have less chance of getting sick from this cause.

Glasses, Windows & Mirrors

They are the last elements considered essential in a daily office cleaning checklist. Glasses can give the office a bad appearance, especially in some areas like the reception area where people probably touch the glass doors to gain access and fingerprints accumulate.
Therefore, for the office entrance to maintain a neat appearance, the office cleaner should clean the windows daily with a glass cleaner for professional use.

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