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Most effective products and methods

Screens are one of the essential components of a computer since, thanks to them, you can have visibility of the different tasks and actions carried out. However, when it comes to wondering how to clean your computer screen, not all the cleaning products and techniques used are usually the most effective.

Do you want to learn how to clean your computer screen correctly and without damaging it? This article tells you what elements you can use to select the primary practices you can do to keep it in excellent condition.


How to clean computer screens with no hassle?

There are some different alternatives in terms of products, equipment and utensils with which the computer screen is effectively cleaned. Some of the most used are the following:

Use a microfiber cloth

It is one of the accessories to clean computer screens you use the most; it is convenient when the cloth is completely dry.

We will clean the frame with this cloth, and then it will be folded to continue cleaning with a completely clean area. Once this part is finished, the monitor's surface will be cleaned, making linear movements from one side to the other and not exerting pressure.

To finish this process, we will use the cloth to clean the computer screen again to remove the dirt that is adhered to the edges until immaculate.

Use a cloth to clean glasses or camera lenses

This is another utensil to clean the computer screen that is most recommended since they do not release lint or even damage the screen. Go smoothly and always in the same direction without rubbing or making circles.

Wet sponge with deionized or distilled water

These items to clean the computer screen are ideal for removing stains from it, usually caused by rubbing with the fingers or splashes.

The damp sponge, in combination with deionized or distilled water, can get rid of such dirt. It is essential to avoid tap water because it can generate limescale marks on the screen. We should also verify that the sponge does not spill water and is well-drained.

When this cleaning is carried out, the monitor and the PC must first be switched off and unplugged from the network.

Suede cloth

It is an element to clean the computer screen that is usually suitable to clean its back if it does not have stains or embedded dirt.

Air blower

It is a device to clean computer screens that are recommended to remove any traces of dust or particles that have been stored in the ports or connectors.

3 advanced tips for cleaning your computer screen

Cleaning the computer screen is a delicate process in which we must take some care not to damage any of its components.

Among the main precautions that must be taken into account when cleaning it, we can highlight those exposed below.


Do not make circular movements when cleaning the screen

The way to clean the computer screen is to make longitudinal movements and in the same direction; you can do them from top to bottom or from left to right.

Avoid making circular cleaning movements or firmly squeezing the screen because they do not resist much pressure.

Do not use corrosive cleaning products

Avoid using products such as ammonia and alcohol. These are corrosive chemicals that could cause irreparable damage to the anti-reflective material of the screen.

Avoid using cotton or paper towels

These are elements that, at a microscopic level, can be very abrasive for computer screens since the material they have been made is not recommended for cleaning glass or windows.

How to clean my computer screen?

Before cleaning the computer monitor, the most important thing is turning off or unplugging the entire device. You will start by cleaning the outer frame and then the back and base with the dust cloth.

For the ports and connections, you can use a spray of contained air since this way the cleaning will be more thorough, and you will remove all the dust.

These cleaning tasks have to be done from top to down. If the screen base is cleaned first and then the top frame, dust can fall from the edge towards the bottom, and we should clean the screen monitor twice.

Then is time to clean the screen, preferably using a screen cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to rub the monitor gently.

To avoid stains on the monitor, you must clean it firmly. Still, without applying pressure as it can cause some damage to the screen considering that some of its components are very sensitive. It is essential to ensure that these cables or equipment are disconnected from the socket.


Some computer screen care to consider

It is also advisable to consider some practices to remain clean and in good condition for as long as possible.

Among the primary care that we must take with the computer screen, we can highlight the following:

  • Do not expose the computer screen to direct sunlight as it may damage it.
  • Avoid placing the computer monitor in very humid areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, among others.
  • Cover the monitor with a plastic sheet when it is not used for a long time, as this will prevent dust from falling on it.

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