Facility Management Services Companies Explained

facility services company

Even if their services are very specific, facility management services companies often have so many responsibilities that they focus their entire workforce on them; meanwhile, they prefer to delegate to third parties to guarantee their performance and efficiency. It is precisely for this that facility services companies exist, that is, cleaning and general maintenance services.

That’s Cleaning has become synonymous with trust and efficiency in commercial cleaning services. Its growth over time has allowed it to diversify to cover various types of specific business needs. Based on it, we offer cleaning, auxiliary, maintenance and special cleaning in Bristol & Cardiff. Here, we detail each of these services.

Facility Management Services Companies

Cleaning Services in Bristol & Cardiff

As we indicated at the beginning, one of our strengths is cleaning, specifically for facilities located in Bristol, Cardiff, and its surroundings. We offer a service adapted to particular needs, whether for flats or buildings, companies and communities. To do this, we have qualified personnel, high-quality materials, machines for specific tasks, and supervision.

Our facility services covers a wide variety of spaces that can be both public and private. Among them are educational, health care, residences, geriatric centres, logistics, public buildings, food companies, shopping centres premises, industrial facilities, business parks, offices, hotels, and hostel cleaning.

Floor cleaning service

Floor Cleaning Service

The term facility services make us think of an exclusive and highly sophisticated cleaning service. That’s Cleaning ensures that this is the case, but our field of scope is quite wide given that the demand is also wide. We take care of private flats and blocks of flats destined for offices and always provide the greatest comfort and security. The customer determines the frequency.

Facility Services

An important part of our facility service focuses on cleaning businesses, student accommodation facilities, and public institutions’ premises according to their needs. Our teams not only can work in domestic environments or commercial buildings; they can also take on entire companies and get them spotless in minimal time. It ranges from building entrances to places like garages and storage rooms.

We cannot fail to emphasize that we are also experts in cleaning and disinfecting offices. We take care of the process using specially designed agents and tools to guarantee the best finish. In addition, our clients can request more specific deep cleanings for particular cases, such as a special event or simply for routine.

Cleaning service for communities

Cleaning service for communities

And although we have already talked about companies, public institutions and establishments or shopping centres, there is still more to say. We are also aware of community needs, often overlooked by local authorities, so we are willing to help. So our cleaning service also reaches common areas of neighbourhoods and communities in the Bristol and Cardiff areas.

The cleaning of communities by a facility services company can be general, covering common areas from time to time, or specific; for the latter, we have several options that customers can contract separately or simultaneously. Examples include waste management, soil treatment based on surface cleaning, maintenance and disinfection, and cleaning windows.

We highlight the cleaning of garages as part of our catalogue, which includes the maintenance of common areas and parking spaces. Any community that owns them can hire us to keep them shiny. We also offer a concierge service to guarantee cleanliness and access management at all times, but we will talk about this in greater depth in the next section.

Auxiliary Services

Small, medium and especially large companies are responsible for providing clean and safe work environments for their employees. It is convenient for these to have a specialized team that can meet their needs and always keep them up to date to take advantage of time. So, in these cases, we recommend hiring our auxiliary services, also within the framework of the facility services companies.

In general, when we talk about auxiliary services, we refer to security personnel, access control and concierge; all of these are vital for the image, well-being and progress of a company or community. The first two we offer more to schools, offices or homes; the last one is more requested for the routine maintenance of the doors or access areas of the neighbouring communities.

maintenance of gardens

Maintenance services

Beyond cleaning, our facility services company also offers maintenance services in Bristol & Cardiff. And it is not for less considering that a failure can occur at any time; by then, it is best to be prepared to solve it immediately. In this way, we guarantee the continuity of operations, the safety of the personnel involved and, of course, the company’s image or institution.

Maintenance can be both preventive and corrective. The first goal is to prevent failures from occurring; in the second, it is to correct them. Either of the two approaches is valid, but it will depend on the needs of each company. We can’t wait to apply it when everything looks too dirty; on the contrary, it is cleaned frequently to avoid this scenario.

Among these services, it is important to highlight the maintenance of gardens and their customization. Again, we have a team trained to carry out these functions using gardening tools and machines. We also consider the year’s season and try to use quality products that do not compromise the health of the plants.

special cleaning services

Special Cleaning Services

The health and safety of residents and employees of homes, buildings, businesses and institutions depend heavily on the cleanliness of these environments. Therefore, planning more detailed and in-depth sessions is essential to guarantee total disinfection and adaptation. For this, our special cleaning section is also aimed at different surfaces.

What to do if you need cleaning services?

At That’s Cleaning, we have a wide range of experience in workplace cleaning protocols in different professional classes. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for each area in Bristol’s offices, schools, hospitals, universities, restaurants, nightclubs, student residences, and industrial settings.

Our mission focuses on the client satisfaction obtaining an efficient, responsible and professional service that exceeds their expectations.

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That’s Cleaning is an excellent commercial cleaning provider and cleaning products, supplier. We will find everything you need to keep your business in optimal conditions at the best price.

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