The importance of cleanliness at work

Cleanliness at work

Cleanliness and work are two elements that must coexist harmoniously to strengthen the company’s productivity and a representative image. However, most of the time, cleaning is neglected by companies because adequate sanitation and disinfection can affect the staff’s work time. At That’s Cleaning, we are willing to end this problem.

Cleanliness at work: The importance of cleanliness at work

Numerous studies affirm that having a properly disinfected and sanitized work environment implies better performance and comfort on the part of employees in the different areas of the company.

Why is cleanliness at work important?

The company must provide the necessary tools, means of production and security to facilitate the use of the space.

In this sense, the company, around the factor of cleanliness and work, must maintain order and hygiene in the different performance areas. Also, the active participation of all staff should be encouraged to preserve the organization and cleanliness of their workspace.

Suppose each employee in an office is responsible for keeping their desk organized daily. In that case, he will not only be able to present an appropriate image to his colleagues. Still, he will be able to get work done more easily. The same would happen if it were the case for a teacher in his class or a worker in a production plant.

Benefits of establishing a cleaning protocol at work

Cleaning and work are two key factors that must go hand in hand. Maintaining order and hygiene in companies, offices, schools, or even industrial plants is synonymous with removing dust and dirt from common performance areas and implies many more internal and external benefits in favour of company growth.

But what are the benefits of having a clean work environment?

cleaning protocol at work

Increase productivity

A clean and organized work environment is synonymous with employees’ comfort and quality of life. The fact of being able to work at ease results in an increase in productivity in the long term, according to various studies.

Reduce accidents

The Accident Prevention Law establishes that each company must protect the integrity of its employees within the work areas. A possible slip or injury caused by poor hygienic conditions can generate significant economic losses and affect productivity.

For this reason, work must be done to maintain the necessary hygiene conditions to avoid accidents or serious unforeseen events such as injuries.

Improves occupational health

Many people circulate in work spaces daily, which results in an accumulation of microorganisms, germs and bacteria that can affect the integrity of employees and the company’s image.

Strengthens the corporate image

The convergence of cleaning and work not only implies an increase in the internal performance of the workers but also enables an improvement and strengthening of the external corporate image of the company.

Before the visit of a potential business partner or client, it is important to always make a good impression, and this will not be the case if the offices become full of dust or dirty window panes.

How to clean working areas

How to clean working areas?

It is important to establish a sterilization, sanitation and disinfection strategy on each work surface, such as walls, floors, equipment, utensils, dust removal, waste separation, and area ventilation, among other tasks that each plan must-have.

Similarly, the organization is another key element in carrying out a cleaning plan at work. The different elements that make up these spaces must be located in a specific area that does not interrupt productivity in the company.

However, it is also very important to consider the type of surfaces, dirt and periods in which the cleaning protocol must be carried out in the work environment. All this is to prevent the growth of microorganisms, bacteria or toxic compounds, which can become a risk to employees’ health.


Companies like ours, which specialize in cleaning, sanitation and disinfection services, are the best alternative to apply the appropriate cleaning and work formula in a space. Although it can be a significant investment, these services simplify heavy cleaning tasks and improve working conditions throughout the area.

What to do if you need cleaning services in the workplace?

At That’s Cleaning, we have a wide range of experience in workplace cleaning protocols in different professional classes. We offer comprehensive cleaning services in Bristol & Cardiff offices, schools, hospitals, universities, restaurants, nightclubs, student residences, and industrial settings.

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