Last update: 16 July, 2021

When hiring a cleaning company, it is not expected they act as recruitment companies or as Temporary Employment Companies in the best of cases. They send to your facilities the people who will carry out the cleaning tasks, and they pay their payroll every month and nothing more.

Apart from the cleaners, no one from the company appears at the client's premises. They do not even call on the phone. As clients, we assume this situation without realizing the consequences to which we are exposed:


Cleaning is unsupervised

At least, not in a professional way. In the end, the supervision falls on the client himself. The client has no choice but to manage the cleaning staff, get their attention and verify that they fulfil their tasks. As a result, they are reducing the valuable time needed to run their own business.

On the other hand, the fact that the client is forced to supervise the cleaning tasks is linked to poor cleaning results. The client is not a professional cleaner and cannot indicate efficient, effective and professional techniques, materials or products.

Cleaners neglecting their tasks

Due to evident lack of supervision of their work and absence of a hierarchy, guidelines, recognition and the absence of the feeling of belonging to a company necessarily lead to unmotivated employees. And unmotivated employees don't do a good job.

The company does not provide the necessary materials

In some cases, the company does not even provide its employees with the necessary materials to carry out their work, so they cannot perform a proper cleaning.

If you have a cleaning service with these characteristics, the best advice is to find another cleaning company. There are professional, serious and competent cleaning companies that offer not only "manpower" but infrastructure and continuous supervision. Companies that are in permanent contact with their clients and their employees, anticipating the needs of both and achieving excellent results.

In conclusion, what is expected from a cleaning company is that the clients do not have to worry about it and focus on their own business.

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