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Best cleaning methods and procedures

Nightclubs are places where many people congregate to drink, dance and enjoy with friends. Like all this kind of places, lots of waste and stains are generated every night. A proper Nightclub cleaning is essential to achieve a healthy environment every time it is opened. We will learn the most relevant points so that the Nightclub is ready for your customers every night.

The cleaning methods are entirely different when cleaning Nightclubs, bars or restaurants as they have characteristics that make them different to other commercial premises.

The primary concerns when cleaning Nightclubs are:


Due to its characteristics, alcohol is a very sticky substance. In contact with any surface, it is complicated to remove completely. Besides, its smell lasts a long time.

Chewing gum

Like alcohol, chewing gums also stick to the nightclub floor, and it takes much effort to remove them. It is essential to remove them as soon as they are seen. Otherwise, they will stay forever since there will be a time when even the most thorough nightclub cleaning will not eliminate it.


Although smoking is prohibited in these premises, people smoke outside and back to dance. Tobacco smell complicates Nightclub cleaning a lot as the atmosphere becomes charged and rarefied in places with no good ventilation system.

How is nightclub cleaning done?

Nightclub Cleaning is critical; it is no longer just about achieving a healthy atmosphere but also about projecting the Nightclub image sought.

Of course, we must clean a Nightclub every time the facilities are used as this helps to maintain it clean and saves costs in the long term. If not done, the environment would be pretty unpleasant.


The Basics of Nightclub Cleaning

Nightclub cleaning begins by ventilating the facilities. Many nightclubs are low or street-level venues that do not have many exits, and ventilating the premises sometimes becomes difficult. Opening a small window or the door to the street will serve to lighten the atmosphere after a night of partying. It is highly recommended to start cleaning the Nightclub with ozone as it will refresh the air on the premises and provide a feeling of deep cleaning by eliminating all foul odours.

After emptying the bins and ashtrays, we continue cleaning the floor or dance floor. People dance to the music while holding their glasses or soft drinks, and, in between turns, they always end up spilling something. At the end of the night, it is usual to strain to get your foot off the ground. The dance floor should be swept to remove any waste or solid residue that may be present. It is advisable to use a broom or brush since everything is probably quite sticky with the spilt alcohol. It is time to check the pavement for gum and scrape it if you find it.

Once the floor has been swept, scrubbing begins. Suppose the facilities are large enough to introduce a professional scrubber machine to the job. In that case, we can do the job this way in a much shorter time. The next step is advisable to do it with some product that helps to remove the alcohol that may remain on the floor. It can be some degreasing chemical, which will achieve a good result by eliminating the remains. Be careful with using abrasive solutions when cleaning that can damage the floor. If you do not have a professional cleaning company, it is best always to read the labels.

The bathrooms in the clubs are always a surprise; you never know what may end up appearing there. Usually, cleaning bathrooms require much time to thoroughly clean toilets, taps and mirrors. It is not just about removing waste and tidying up the place; you must disinfect the space. For the use given to the bathrooms, hygiene and health must be above all.

Continuing with the nightclub cleaning, we arrive at the club's interior, where there is usually no complication. There is always some solid waste in this area, such as bottles or broken glasses. The stickiness of spilt alcohol is sure to be found in this area as well, so the same product applied previously can be used. It is unnecessary to clean the bar shelves constantly; a periodic cleaning would be more than enough.

Periodic Tasks of Nightclub Cleaning

Among the tasks that can be spaced over time, we find the cleaning of textiles. We can clean carpets, curtains, sofas or chairs once a month. If the room is very crowded, it can be done more frequently; this is evaluated according to the use made of the facilities.

Maintenance of the pipes and drains is essential. As often as monthly or bimonthly, you should add a product that cleans and removes waste that can produce a bad smell. In addition, this task also avoids blockages that could cause more severe problems.

Nightclub cleaning also includes polishing or waxing floors. These procedures serve to improve the soil's resistance and maintain optimal conditions for a longer time.

The trained professionals that are part of That's Cleaning are also specialists in Nightclub cleaning, making your business look like the first day. We have the latest technologies in cleaning to achieve the ideal atmosphere so crucial in Nightclubs.


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