Gyms are spaces where a large number of people perform physical exercise daily. Gym cleaning is essential for the development of their activities, and it is not only a matter of hygiene or health. A lack of cleanliness in a gym can have an economic impact on the accounting of the company. Therefore, gym cleaning must be thorough.

This article will explain the importance of cleaning gyms thoroughly, physiotherapy centres, or other sports centres. The frequency at what you should carry it out depending on the type of gym and finally we will talk about the spaces of a gym and the cleaning procedures that we must fulfil.


Importance of gym cleaning

Its importance lies in preserving a hygienic and healthy environment for all those who pass through these installations. Due to the type of activity performed in gyms, the risk of transmission of viruses or skin diseases is more significant than in other facilities. Therefore, the importance and thorough cleaning of gyms are essential.

How often should Gym Cleaning be done?

In addition to knowing how to perform gym cleaning thoroughly, it is necessary to be clear about the importance of carrying it out periodically. A gym is a space that must remain clean to avoid a bad image and the health problems that lack of it can lead to. But how often should we clean sports and fitness facilities? And what does it depend on?

The frequency of gym and fitness centres cleaning may vary depending on their influx. The number of people who work or use the gym will be decisive to know how often we should execute it.

To know how often we should cleaning gyms and fitness facilities, you must know their influx and general use. Generally, this type of cleaning is done daily and more than once a day.

During the day, it is essential to do a superficial cleaning of the fitness machines. Still, it is essential to do a thorough cleaning when closing the doors since the cleaning of toilets and showers is also necessary to preserve hygiene.

Fitness centres, regardless of their size, use to have certain areas in common. They have machine rooms and group classes, changing rooms and shower areas, swimming pools, etc.


How to clean changing rooms and showers in a gym?

Cleaning the changing rooms and lockers

Changing rooms are one of the busiest areas. We could say that it is an area all gym users pass through, a mandatory stop after playing sports. It is essential to preserve cleanliness in this environment since people have just made a physical effort and sweat mix. For this reason, general cleaning is not valid in the changing rooms; total disinfection is necessary to prevent the appearance of fungi and other types of pathogens.

Inside the changing rooms, you also have to take into account the lockers. They collect dust and dirt from used, wet clothes, etc.

For the proper disinfection of changing rooms, the use of specific and innocuous products for people's health is required.

Shower Cleaning

After a physical activity or sports, most gym users go to the showers. Eliminating sweat and body dirt is essential to continue with our day to day. It contributes to making showers one of the areas where cleaning must be most important.

Showers are one of the areas that we must clean in deep. Cleaning must include taps, screens, shower trays, and other elements where disinfection is a must.

Both changing rooms and showers are ideal spaces for the development of fungi and bacteria as this is an environment that comes into direct contact with water, humidity and high temperatures.


Classrooms and machine rooms cleaning

Cleaning of classrooms in a gym

Machine rooms or classrooms where the group classes take place are spaces where many people perform physical exercise simultaneously, and therefore dirt is spread.

To properly clean these rooms, dust and surface dirt must be removed by sweeping or hoovering them. It will be necessary to clean the entire floor and surfaces to remove sweat and stains from other athletes.

Cleaning of fitness machines

The cleaning of these machines allows the proper functioning and protects the health of the users. Gym machines have a specific useful life that we can lengthen through proper cleaning and maintenance.

When is a gym cleaned?

In the UK, the muscle and fitness industry has more and more followers. That's why in large and medium-sized cities like Bristol, we will find a wide variety of gym services. Their relatively low price, and the fact that more and more gyms are being opened, means that approximately 25% of the population of a large city is a gym user. Some even take advantage and go more than once a day, depending on their working hours. Usually, gyms work from 6 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday.

The cleaning of the facilities depends on the person in charge of carrying it out. Most sports facilities are usually cleaned when closing; otherwise, foul odours and humidity will accumulate in the environment. In places where gym influx is high, we must do gym cleaning every day and more than once per day. As if that were not enough, they are usually completed in places of high traffic, such as shopping or leisure centres.


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