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Disinfecting shared spaces in an office is an essential aspect to consider when making a proper office checklist. It is beneficial for employees and the business themselves. It is a crucial task that allows people to work in a more comfortable and healthy environment.

You will find eight top tips for disinfecting shared spaces in an office in this article. It will also show you some tips to keep your offices clean by applying the best cleaning and disinfection techniques. The process of disinfecting the shared areas in an office requires in-depth cleaning procedures and practices that we should include in your office cleaning checklist.

Keep in mind that the risk of employees or visitors contracting an illness in these areas may be more significant due to the facilities' lack of order and cleanliness. As office cleaning providers, we must take responsibility for the disinfection in these shared areas.

Top tips for disinfecting shared spaces in an office

Disinfecting shared spaces in an office

Read the labels

It is imperative to read the instructions for every cleaning product you want to use to clean these spaces. You will find the manufacturer suggestions and basic instructions for the correct use.

We should always use disinfectants or any other cleaning chemical according to the manufacturer's advice, especially for dilution, contact time, expiration date and the care required for proper handling.

Avoid mixing different chemicals with other cleaning products to prevent the generation of vapours that would be toxic and harmful to health, especially bleach.

Use adequate protection

Make sure you wear adequate protection when disinfecting shared spaces in an office, so use gloves, safety goggles, and masks to prevent the skin or lungs from coming into direct contact with chemicals that can be harmful. And in return, it will reduce the possibility of contracting any respiratory disease.

Deep disinfection of shared spaces in an office

Some more advanced cleaning protocols and methods have to be considered for disinfecting shared spaces in an office. We recommend applying processes used in the health field based on using more specific and effective disinfection products and regularly performing these processes.

To disinfect and eliminate all kinds of pathogens, impurities, and dirt safely, we recommend using soap and water, ending the process using a probed disinfectant.

Surfaces and frequently touched points cleaning

When cleaning shared areas in an office, it is necessary to address the surfaces in constant contact with hands; counters, shelves, door handles, washrooms. We should also emphasise cleaning office chairs, desk surfaces, telephones, tables, computer keyboards, switches, knobs, among others.

Thoroughly wash dishes and cutlery

We should also wash dishes, glasses and cutlery with plenty of hot water and soap to avoid the spread of diseases or infections during working hours.


Daily waste disposal

Bins are one of the elements that more allergens and pathogens tend to house. Therefore, it is crucial to remove waste daily to prevent these from becoming the cause of occupational diseases at work.

Clean shared areas according to how often we use them

We must disinfect shared areas in an office considering the use made in these spaces and surfaces. That way, it will be possible to spend more time and attention on the most frequently used areas such as the reception, the bathrooms and the offices themselves. However, keep in mind that they have to undergo a proper daily office cleaning, especially in shared spaces.

Properly ventilate the spaces to disinfect

We must ventilate these spaces and wear protective clothing, especially when using specialised chemicals that can be flammable and toxic.

Disinfection of electronic devices

Special care must be taken with electronic devices when disinfecting shared spaces in an office. Therefore, it is best to check the instructions for using and cleaning this equipment and consider the suggestions to keep them clean and optimal.

It is convenient to use specialised elements and products to clean more delicate electronic devices, thus avoiding damaging them and altering their correct performance.

We must preserve the health of everyone within these spaces. It will allow your team's productivity to increase and the image of your business to improve as the workspaces will look more attractive and comfortable for everyone.

Where to hire an office cleaning company?

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